May Fair

May 17, 2019

Watch This Inspiring Tribute to May Fair Volunteers and Their Impact on New Canaan and Beyond

Several years ago, Harvard sociologist Robert Putnam wrote a book called Bowling Alone about the collapse and revival of the American community. And in the book he suggested that it was churches and religious organizations...

by Jarvis Cromwell in May Fair
May 12, 2019

Sermon 5.12.19 “May Fair Sermon”

The people of St. Mark’s reflect on where God and Jesus are in May Fair, how it has evolved over the past 70 years, the numerous missions and ministries it supports, and the community that...

by St. Mark's Staff in May Fair
April 25, 2019

Father Peter and George Wright Talk About May Fair

Father Peter interviews May Fair co-chair George Wright about preparations and volunteering at May Fair.  Come out and enjoy the Fair May Fair 2019 Saturday, May 11 from 9AM-6PM Rides • Food 10:30AM-5PM (Food will be...

by St. Mark's Staff in Fr. Peter's Vlog