May 24, 2019

As St. Mark’s Preschool Celebrates Graduation, Fr. Peter Interviews Its Director

As St. Mark’s Preschool celebrates its 2019 graduation, Father Peter interviews preschool director Prisca Spitz and preschool chaplain Rev. Elizabeth Garnsey about the educational and spiritual aspects of the school, which believes the educational process should address all areas of learning – social, emotional, spiritual, physical, and intellectual.


Click here to learn more about St. Mark’s Preschool, which is located here on the property of St. Mark’s Episcopal Church, a bucolic 12-acre campus just to the north of downtown New Canaan  The expansive facilities allow children to play, learn and explore in a variety of environments, whether indoors or out.


Watch the most current episodes of Father Peter’s VLOG here on St. Marks Live.  The complete archive can be found on the St. Marks, New Canaan YouTube channel. Click here.